Cassandra Syndrome: "Recovery Group" for Neurotypical Wives

==> REGISTER HERE: Recovery from Emotional Deprivation for Neurotypical Partners in Neurodiverse Relationships

Please note:

  • This program is all instructional (although I will entertain any questions related to the topics we cover in group).
  • You will have weekly assignments.
  • I will be asking you to do some journaling.
  • This program will focus on recovery from the trauma associated with emotional neglect and/or abuse in the ASD + NT marriage.

 Points to consider regarding Cassandra Syndrome:

  • Cassandra Syndrome (CS) is the neurotypical (NT) partner's experience of emotional suffering that results from stressful interpersonal relations with an autistic partner who does not understand, empathize with, or validate the NT's pain and sorrow.
  • CS is a type of relationship trauma that experts place in the category of complex PTSD. 
  • CS occurs when you are left alone with your hurt, and subjected to disbelief from other family members or friends. 
  • In CS, the symptoms of anxiety, anger, resentment, hyper-vigilance, and dissociation are NOT the result of a singular traumatic event, rather it's the result of the accumulation of years of emotional neglect and/or abuse.
  • Recovery from CS is very possible via cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).


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